6 Nutrition Tips To Help You Maintain A Healthy And Fit Figure

Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

For many people, eating healthy is like having bamboo shoots shoved down our fingernails. Okay, so maybe it is not that bad, but for some reason most of us really struggle with trying to eat healthy. It could be because we have gotten lazy, or maybe you just can’t stand cooking or can’t cook, whatever it is we need to get it in our minds that having a healthy and balanced eating habit is possible. Everyone knows that eating out every day at fast food restaurants is not the way to maintain a fit figure. Despite this, it seems as if few people actually know how to eat properly. To help you get on the right track, here are six nutrition tips to take into consideration.
1. Eliminate excess fatsYou probably knew it was coming, but there are some things you need to eliminate from your diet right from the start. You are going to want to eliminate excess fats, salt and sugar from your diet. Some of the things that are within these categories include soft drinks, cookies, chips and deep fried foods.
2. Eat breakfastIt is amazing how few people actually take the time to sit down and eat breakfast. You want to eat a healthy and nutritional breakfast each morning that includes complex carbohydrates and clean protein. Complex carbohydrates will help provide you with energy while the protein makes sure that the body has materials ready to rebuild tissues.
3. 5-6 meals per dayUnlike the breakfast, lunch, dinner routine you have probably heard numerous times, you want to get in the habit of eating five to six meals per day. By eating smaller meals every few hours, your body can actually digest the food. In addition, the food will keep the blood sugar levels stable throughout the day thus controlling any cravings you may get.
4. Avoid simple carbohydratesWhile complex carbohydrates are good for breakfast, you want to try to avoid simple carbohydrates at all cost. These kinds of carbohydrates are what you will find in refined sugar, honey and fruit juices. While you will get a quick high you will be let down just as fast. Instead, you want to get your carbs from brown rice, oats, barley and wild rice.
5. Dietary fatsYou would have never guessed that fats should be included in your diet, but dietary fats are something that should be in your diet. Eating the proper amount of fat will help increase your metabolic rate to help you actually burn fat. If you do not have fat in your diet to slow down the absorption of the sugar in your blood stream, blood sugar levels will rise quickly.There are numerous things you can do to your diet to make sure you are eating healthy and staying fit. To help you maintain the figure you have always wanted while living a healthy lifestyle, take the eating tips listed in this article into consideration.

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