Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit as You Lose Weight

Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

when we want to lose our weight, the only thing we consider is to remove fats and we forget about being healthy and fit Well, no worries anymore because this article will show tips on how to get fit and stay healthy while losing weight.

1. Instead of driving your car going to work, why not try walking or riding a bike.
2. Avoid eating foods which are larger when compared to your fist.
3. Try to attend and join group exercise of friends, neighbors or others in your community.
4. Make sure to increase fiber portion in your diet.
5. Milk which has high amount of fat should be avoided.
6. Try to perform some resistance training while you are watching your favorite program in television.
7. Take a small walk after dinner together with your family.
8. Avoid eating late in the evening.
9. Try to grill, steam, or bake your food instead of frying.
10. You should have to avoid buffets like eat all-you-can.
11. Start your daily meal with a plate of steamed veggies and fresh salads.
12. Avoid too much sugar in your food.
13. Instead of using oil when you are baking, it is better to use applesauce.
14. Avoid skipping meals.
15. washes your car.This will serve as extra exercise for you.
16. Drink pure and clean water rather than drinking carbonated beverages.
17. Avoid too much intake of caffeine.
18. Avoid going to the grocery store hungry. you might be tempted by your hunger to purchase unimportant foods.
19. Always keep an extra rubber shoes in your car for you to use when you feel walking.
20. Try performing new and different kinds of physical activities.

So these are several simple tips on how to get fit and healthy, while you lose those extra fat. There are other effortless things you can do to stay healthy and fit.

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