cope with tired eyes without medication

Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

cope with tired eyes without medication

This way you please practice with ease
1. wash your face with warm water slowly and feel the warmth on your face
2. sit down and lean your head with a leisurely
3. mind off your mind for a moment
4. breathing in slowly
5. exhale slowly through your mouth
6. do point no 4 and 5 as many as 3 x (7 x minimal or maximal)
7. give a smooth and gentle massage on the brow starts from the inside to the outside (do 3x)
8. give a massage around the eye
9. give a massage / press point between your eyebrows
10. massage all areas of your face slowly and gently
11. loosen all the muscles of the face
after all do be quiet for a moment about 10 minutes with my eyes closed and do the breathing as above
try to feel the difference? ...

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